Dance Theatre of Harlem performs Knight Theater in Charlotte

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Ballet dancers, Francis Lawrence and Chyrstyn Mariah Fentroy, from the Dance Theatre of Harlem perform at Knight Theater. (photo courtesy of Dance Theatre of Harlem)

When I was in third grade, I was a Black Seed.

Mr. Perkins watered us with ideas of changing the world like Dr. Charles Drew or Vivien Thomas. He pruned us to the works of cultural icons, Louis Armstrong and Scott Joplin, perfecting our rhythm until we were all abloom.  Pollinating our minds with the hopes of one day being mentioned in history books as a fearless leader like Hatshepsut, we were black seeds.

The Dance Theatre of Harlem delivered an equally inspirational performance at the Knight Theatre in Charlotte Sunday night.

The twelve piece bouquet was true to Harlem’s melting pot of cultures. Aside from build, you couldn’t tell he from she when paired. Each partner duly precise and fluid as their counter when mixing modern movements with shimmies and stutter steps. Layered music and choreography told stories of ivy sprawled lovers.

The troupe’s baby’s breath-like steps allowed for the occasional pitter patter when performing acapella.

Sunday night’s performance by Dance Theatre of Harlem was a nice  break from the cabin fever -one time for snow storm Jonas.

(photo courtesy of The Harvey b Gantt Center for African American Arts+Culture)

The Dance Theatre of Harlem: 40 years of Firsts exhibit will be on display at the Harvey B Gantt Center for African American Arts+Culture until June 26. The exhibit features costumes, video excerpts and set pieces celebrating the iconic company.

About Dance Theatre of Harlem

The Dance Theatre of Harlem was founded in 1969 by Arthur Mitchell and Karel Shook following the assassination of The Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

As a leading arts education center, Dance Theatre Harlem works to, maintain a world-class school that trains young people in classical ballet and the allied arts; to provide arts education, community outreach programs and positive role models for all; and to present a ballet company of African-American and other racially diverse artists who perform the most demanding repertory at the highest level of quality

Follow  @DanceTheatreofHarlem on Instagram.





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