Think Boldly

Fundraising, Campaigns, Start-ups, Seed money. (Google image)

cam·paign (v): work in an organized and active way toward a particular goal, typically a political or social one.

I heard this word a lot in undergrad, took an entire course on it.  Campaign is often used in Public Relations to describe efforts made toward achieving a goal, completing an initiative or building a brand.

Here’s a few campaign tips I learned during a presentation by a Charlotte area philanthropist and certified public accountant:

Set a stretch goal | Goals should be attainable and realistic. If your end goal is acquiring $200 Million in funding, aim for $250 and be happy at $201.

Publicize at 60 percent or better | It’s a moral thing. Going public at the start of your campaign at zero funding, billions of dollars  away from your goal can discourage your public. Work behind the scenes to get your initiative off the ground. 60 percent says, “We’ve done the work and we’re almost there, but we need a little help.”

Ask unlikely donors | When raising money for a campaign, be creative, be flexible and D I G. Funding doesn’t just come from big donors, so don’t limit yourself to who you contact for support.

Lead by example | People are more inclined to support a campaign that’s supported by its founders. Have you donated to your cause? That’s a great way to start an email as opposed to asking for the full amount.


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